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Specialist Jet Wash Cleaning or Pressure Washing in London

Tradition Property Services Ltd.

Operating since 1982

Tel; 020 7231 5888

Other Jet washing services provided in London

Fragrenced jet wash rinses:

Once a jet wash has been completed sin some cases i.e bin stores and car parks. a bad smell can remain. An additional service that can be applied by Traditions cleaning team is a sented or fragranced rinse down. This envolves linking the pressure washing equipment to additional tank topped with a nice strong smellying detergent. The product is then applied during an additional rinse to ensure every corner and crack has been treated . In bad smelling areas the detergent can be lighty rinsed off leaving pcleaning product residue in the areas that are hardest to clean. for a full list of scents available please call 0207 231 5888 for latest deals and offers

before and after teak patio furniture jet washing pressure washing stone cleaning london bromley kent

Exterior Furniture jet washing

Great results can be acheived from jet washing exterior furniture, apart from bird mess and tree sap and layer of grime apears.

The teak furniture in the photo was jet washed in london giving great results. the photo was taken while the chair was wet but gives the appearance of a fresh coat of varnish. 

Gutter Cleaning

Rinsing out leaves moss and waste from gutters and drains with a light jet wash prevents many water ingress related problems. This can be followed by Window Cleaning to remove spots from windows.

for more infomation on specialist window cleaning see

Large scale Light Jet wash / Rinse

Instead of giving large internal or external areas a sweep with a broom creating further dust – Having the area rinsed with a light jet wash will give far better results. The water spray keeps dust to a minimum and the jet wash moves the grime out of the area. Tradition have used this technique to clean out large dusty warehouses in London and similar. This technique was recently used to clean out warehouses used for supporting the Olympic games. (not all internal areas will suit this method)

Mobile Jet washing - Jet washing without water supply

The jet wash team have 2 vans each fitted out with a 1000 Litre water tank and neccasary pump equipment to supply a mobile jet washing machine any where a van and hose can reach.

before and after teak patio furniture jet washing pressure washing stone cleaning london bromley kent

This Picture was taken during the Mobile pressure washing on an inflatable Stonehenge at Queen Elizabeth Park in the Olympic Village. The Mobile Water tanks were used clean the whole Set.

Daily Jet washing in London

Tradition can provide daily jet washing and rinsing at reduced rates if a long term contract is agreed – This jet washing service is ideal for small shopping precints – the out side of bars and clubs or commercial business smoking areas .